The Third Generation Black Diamond Rackmount (BDR-3) is a real-time data acquisition system. It collects data from multiple analog sensors with high resolution and minimal noise, streams live data to a Key Value Store (KVS), and archives data to the AlgoCentral cloud.

Leveraging Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology, the BDR-3 deterministically collects, time-stamps, and processes data with low latency. The resulting data is archived and streamed over the network to the cloud.

The BDR-3 works with AlgoCentral to provide a complete data monitoring solution. AlgoCentral is a cloud service that executes algorithms to perform analytics, process data, graph results, automate tasks, and send notifications when critical events occur.


  • Real-time sensor monitoring
  • Data collection for connected cities
  • Risk and failure analysis
  • Manufacturing process control
  • Oil and gas exploration / mining research
  • Continuous structural monitoring
  • Sensing pressure, temperature, strain, power
  • Other time-sensitive applications

Key Benefits

  • Black Diamond System:
    • Records data from up to 15 precisely synchronized analog input channels
    • Collects data from a wide range of digital and analog sensors
    • Operates without a fan for use in cleanrooms and outdoors
    • Runs from DC, AC, battery, or solar power
    • Accelerates algorithms in FPGA hardware
    • Time-stamps data with GPS accuracy
  • Acquires data for Cloud Applications:
    • Provides real time data that can be easily accessed from laptops, tablets, and smartphones
    • Runs algorithms to perform continuous analytics
    • Provides data to real time and historical dashboards to perform the analytics
    • Notifies about events via email alerts
    • Receives sensor data securely from devices in the cloud
    • Automates generation of reports
    • Includes easy-to-use web interfaces to dramatically reduce time to set up and analyze key results

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