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FPGA as a Service (FaaS)

Algo-Logic Systems delivers an innoviative solution that brings the Ultra-Low Latency speeds associated with FPGA acceleration to your existing software only trading system.  

Whether responding to a fill or injecting orders based on certain market conditions, FPGA execution speeds are dramatically faster then software solutions.  For the first time, you can add FPGA acceleration with fery few modifications to your existing Order Management Software (OMS) trading system. 

Updated FaaS Deployment

The FPGA processes market data in real-time.  You can configure the FPGA to react to certain market events including fills, sweeps, large trades in the market, and new best bid/ask price.  The FPGA can be configured to release preformatted messages at sub-microsecond speeds when the specified event occurs. 


Fill Trigger – If Filled on an order, FaaS can either submit a different order, cancel an order, or cancel mass quotes.   


Cancel Trigger – FaaS requests to cancel one or more active triggers issued by User.


Price Trigger – If a Watch Price level is achieved, the FaaS will submit one of the following: a new Order, a Cancel Order, or a Cancel Mass Quote. 


Sweep Trigger – When the FaaS detects that a Market Sweep of X Price Levels (up, down, or either) for a Watch Instrument the following actions can be taken submit a new Order, cancel an Order, or Cancel Mass Quote.


Large Quantity Trigger – When a Large Trade in the Watch Instrument occurs, the FaaS can submit a new Order, Cancel and Order, or Cancel Mass Quote.


Through our partnership with FBLab, Algo-Logic is leveraging CME’s Cancel on Behalf to bring the benefits of Ultra-Low Latency Trading to Trading Firms without requiring significant changes to your existing Order Management Software.

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