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Data Acquisition & Analytics

Algo-Logic's 4th-generation Diamond systems and cloud services provide a complete solution for real-time data collection, processing, and analytics.  Our Black Diamond (BD) systems are deployed on-premise at the edge of the network and attach to sensors on buildings, bridges, and towers.  Our Green Diamond (GD) systems are used to control Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging stations, HVAC, and/or battery storage systems.

The Diamond systems monitor multiple sensors at the edge of the network and transfer this data via Ethernet to the cloud.  Data is collected in real-time using Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) logic then processed both locally and remotely in the cloud. Algo-Logic's real-time analytics services provide immediate alerts when you when assets require attention or actuation.

Algo-Logic's hosted cloud service enables algorithms to process and respond to events a continual basis. The complete solution collects real-time data from sensors, streams it over the network, analyzes events of interest, controls devices, and provides alerts when events of interest occur. Data can be charted and downloaded both in the time and frequency domains. Save time and money by using Algo-Logic's systems to automatically monitor and control your real-time assets. 

Key Benefits

  • Collects data from a wide range of sensors to measure energy (current and  voltages), acceleration, wind conditions (speed and direction), temperature, and more.

  • Black Diamond (BD) system records data from 15 precisely synchronized channels.

  • Green Diamond (GD) system interfaces to EV charging systems, HVAC, and distributed energy systems.

  • FPGA hardware deterministically timestamps data using local oscillator, NTP, and/or GPS disciplined clock.

  • Fourth-generation edge systems connect to Gigabit Ethernet and cloud services to 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

  • Systems provide secure transmission of data over Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

  • Edge devices runs from 12v DC or AC power.

  • Systems provides a local web console to monitor operation of the system in the time and frequency.

  • Interfaces to AlgoCentral to provide analytics and alerts.

  • Stream real-time data to Key Value Store (KVS).

  • Access data and analytics from your laptop, tablet, smart phone.

  • Interface with other systems via multiple, open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) including REST.

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