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Algo-Logic has developed a rich portfolio of networking technology Intellectual Property (IP) Cores specifically engineered to address Ultra-Low Latency applications. These IP Cores are being used by Multi-National Banks and leading Financial Trading Firms Worldwide in their high frequency trading and Risk Check solutions. Algo-Logic's IP Cores include: Ultra-Low Latency 10GbE and 25GbE MAC, TCP Endpoint, EMSE / Key Value Store (KVS) and UDP engine IP Cores.

If you have an application that would benefit from FPGA Acceleration but you want to focus your efforts on implementing your strategy, then consider using Algo-Logic IP Cores. The Algo-Logic FPGA IP Cores provide an accelerated path to FPGA implementation with less design risk.     

Key Benefits

  • Designed for Ultra-low latency performance  

  • Provides deterministic performance which virtually eliminates jitter

  • All Key IP Cores field proven by demanding Financial Services customers Worldwide

  • Field Proven / Reliable / Support for Xilinx/Cisco/Intel FPGA platforms

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