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FPGA-Accelerated Tick-To-Trade

Algo-Logic Systems’ FPGA-Accelerated Tick-To-Trade (T2T) System

Delivers Industry-Leading Lowest Latency

Tick-To-Trade System in a 1U Server
  • Support for all CME Group exchanges including CBOT, COMEX, Nasdaq, and NYMEX.

    • Also support for EUREX and CBOE

  • Pre-built IP cores that significantly reduce time-to-market and provide flexibility for customizations

  • Allows Order Injection to be delivered on either A or B side (Selectable at Run Time) 

  • Integrates with existing Order Management Systems (OMS) through C++ Application Programing Interfaces (APIs)

  • Control Software includes:

    • Device parameter configuration (e.g., IP and MAC addresses) and status monitoring and Event notifications

  • Mass action request and fast arbitrage as well as the ability to modify order fields in FPGA logic

FPGA-Accelerated Trading
Tick-To-Trade System with HLS Triggers
  • Tick-to-Trade Triggers

    • Mass Quote Cancel (MQC), Large Aggressor Quantity (LAQ), On Fill (Hedging), Price, Sweep Trigger, and MBO Trigger

  • Quote Cancellation

    • Ultra-low-latency mass quote cancellation by product, instrument group or each instrument

  • On Fill Trigger

    • Instantly reacts to market data or order fill, whichever comes first, to trigger response order(s)

  • Turbo Spreading

    • Auto-reload enables multiple hedges and quotes to be sent using pre-loaded order

    • Allows trading on multiple instruments with simultaneous multi-leg strategies

    • Supports hardware trading strategies in logic

  • HLS Triggers

    • High-level synthesis allows customers to implement custom triggers to support their proprietary strategies

    • Allows trigger inputs from Market Data, Customer generated parameters, Top of Book, and incremental updates

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