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Development Framework

Algo-Logic has partnered with leading FPGA vendors to provide a development framework designed to allow customers who require the performance and power consumption advantages of FPGA technology but who do not have hardware expertise within their development teams.


The Algo-Logic FPGA Development Framework provides a FPGA platform that includes Ultra-Low Latency 10GbE MAC, TCP Endpoint, PCIe Host Interface, and a Business Strategy Block for High Level Synthesis (HLS) implementation. To this basic Framework we can add the EMSE / Key Value Store (KVS) and UDP engine IP Cores to create an Enhanced Framework. With these additions you can store and access large data sets in a KVS or parse Ethernet Packets including Exchange Market Data in HLS. 

If you have an application that would benefit from FPGA Acceleration but you have been reluctant to jump in due to the large technical challenge, the Algo-Logic FPGA Development Framework provides a fast path to FPGA implementation.     

Key Benefits

  • Very low latency performance  

  • Deterministic performance which virtually eliminates jitter

  • All Key Ethernet, TCP, and PCIe Host IP Blocks already in place

  • Your design effort is focused on HLS which is similar to C/C++

  • The FPGA development environment is in place on the Algo-Logic Cloud

  • Development is flexible either Algo-Logic design services or as needed support to your team


Intel PAC D5005

Cisco Nexus SmartnNIC V5P

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