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FPGA Logic Designer

Algo-Logic Systems is hiring FPGA logic designers to implement IP cores and applications for electronic trading, data center object store, and other hardware-accelerated network applications.

Algo-Logic's IP cores are currently deployed in systems that require ultra low-latency Ethernet, TCP/IP networking, and/or associative lookup.  You should be ready and able to design, develop, and deploy logic on devices from Xilinx and Intel on multiple card platforms.  The logic will be deployed on both PCI cards and use DMA as well as cache-coherent interfaces with atomic operations. 

Job Responsibilities
  • Design and implement algorithms directly in FPGA logic

  • Code algorithms using Verilog and/or with High Level Synthesis (HLS)  

  • Implement fine-grained communication between software and hardware

  • Develop reusable and composable IP cores 

  • Verify correctness through simulation and test-benches

  • Measure performance through cycle-accurate simulation and live testing

  • Working with customers to interpret requirements and specifications

  • Experiment with designs in live system

Required Skills
  • Degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering 

  • Experience coding in Verilog or System Verilog

  • Experience working with on-chip and off-chip memories

  • Hands-on debugging of systems in FPGA logic

  • Skills with verification using randomized testing

  • Understanding of OSI network stack layers 2-7

  • Experience performing latency optimizations 

  • Proficiency in writing documentation

  • Experience with scripting in Python, Perl, bash, and/or TCL.

Preferred Skills
  • Synthesis with tools from Xilinx Vivado and/or Intel Quartus 

  • Simulation using xsim or QuestaSim

  • Programming with PCI using MMIO and DMA

  • Code management using Git repositories

  • Key-value store (MongoDB, Redis, Memcache, etc.)

To apply, please directly submit an employment inquiry.
  • This position is for on-site work in San Jose, CA 

  • Algo-Logic has a safe workplace with 100% employee vaccination

  • Algo-Logic provides benefits to employees that include health care, 401k with employer matching, and on-site electric vehicle (EV) charging. 

  • No calls from agencies or recruiters will be returned

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